Who Is Assurant Life?

Proudly Backed By Assurant Life

First of all, when browsing through the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM website you’ve likely seen that our plans and products are connected with the company Assurant.

All of our products backed and underwritten by Assurant. But what does that statement mean? Who is Assurant? Why should our plans backed by Assurant fill you with confidence? Good questions.

assurant life of canadaAssurant is the Canadian industry leader in the funding of funerals and final expenses. Plans underwritten by Assurant Life guarantee protected money for as long as you live, sheltered from anyone but you. You can always depend on the strength and stability of our plans.

In addition, working together with Assurant, we have become Ontario’s premier funeral plan provider.  Also, through Assurant, we are proud to offer you a complete portfolio of pre-need and final expense products available through our Final Needs Planning ProgramTM.

Together, our family business and Assurant Life are working together to make sure your family has all the funds and arrangements needed to afford all the necessary funeral expenses. Our consultants provide you professional advice and support that ensures you and your family are investing your money wisely, and receiving the protection you deserve.

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Have any questions? Please contact us today to learn more about Assurant Life and how the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM can work for you.

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