How Pre Planning Benefits Your Family

Avoid Big Decisions When Emotional

First of all, the loss of a family member is never an easy time for those left behind. Hence, the family should be always be provided the appropriate amount of time to grieve and remember their loved ones.  Also, making big financial decisions in an emotional state, not recommended.

Spend Time Healing

In the same way, with a death in the family, family members will begin the tedious process.  Sometimes stressful process making the necessary funeral arrangements.  Filling out loads of forms and paperwork.  Spending time trying to find out how to cover funeral costs.  Spend the time healing and remembering the life that was.

Benefit of Pre Planning

To begin with, the benefit of foresight and pre planning allows for a fitting funeral.  No one left  with decisions at the hardest of times. Also, you are making these decisions when you are in sound mind.  And free from the emotional state your family members otherwise would be in.

Final Needs Planning Program

The Final Needs Planning Program ensures the family that is left behind is left only with the fond memory of the life that was. In addition, our Final Documents Service will take care of all the forms and paperwork in advance, Also, our Monument Services provides you the benefit of knowing you have planned yourself a fitting memorial, and you can rest easy knowing that you are leaving your family behind without any additional worries and responsibilities.


“The sudden loss of our mother was devastating to our whole family. The cost of funerals is very expensive and we felt fortunate that you had enrolled our parents in a plan that paid for the funeral even after only just one payment.”

Zlata Happy Toronto, ON

Testimonials like this one give us immense pride in what our family business can do for yours.   Finally, if you’d like to see more what Final Needs Planning can do for you and yours, we invite you to book a free consultation with one of our professionals. Let’s start a conversation today.


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