Pre Planning, The Myths

We break down common misconceptions about funeral insurance.

How familiar are you with the concept of funeral pre planning? Perhaps you’ve come across some friends or online reviews and forums in the past. As we know, the issue with second-hand information and unverified online forums is how they tend to focus on rare negative experiences or the claims can be outright unfactual. When presented always have to ask ourselves, “is there more to the story?” and “is this source in fact credible?”

online funeral planningThey nature in which many talk about funeral planning or discover it online has lead to many people forming misconceptions. The Final Needs Planning ProgramTM, designed to provide families both emotional and financial security, while making the program transparent.

Myth #1: Funeral planning is too difficult to discuss.

Funeral Planning conversations can be very productive and fulfilling. Making a funeral plan a gift one can give to their family to ensure all the stressful financial planning is taken care of in advance. While the subject can be a bit too morbid or taboo to many, the idea of discussing it as a beautiful gesture to family and having the ability to make your own choices is much easier.

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Myth #2: We are financially secure. We don’t require Funeral Insurance.

Regardless of financial status, final arrangements like the ones available from the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM offer more than just financial security. Our mission is to remove financial strain from families, allow more time to avoid unwanted purchases, select the right venue, lock in the funeral prices of today, see that the all the deceased’s active bill’s, final documents, as well as their final wishes are seen to and carried out.

Myth #3: I hear it can be far too expensive.

You would be surprised how affordable many funeral insurance options there are available. At the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM our consultants work with you to find your requirements and present you with your ideal plan. We offer plans that are tax-free and as low as $5 a month.

couple final needs planningMyth #4: Funeral planning isn’t something I have to worry about until I’m older.

When you have the advantage of making decisions when you are healthy, you can approach it in a much happier space. Earlier in life, the conversation is much easier. The truth is, life can throw us a lot of curveballs and we don’t know what it has in store for us.

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There’s simply no better time to start planning for tomorrow than today. There are also not many reasons to forgo planning in advance either. Despite what you may think, initiating your own or a loved ones funeral plan can be very simple as well as very rewarding.

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